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Once your appointment has been confirmed, kindly keep in mind the following IWAMH Policy :

1. Integrated Wellness and Mental Health, LLC requires 24-hours advanced notice for an appointment to be rescheduled.

A cancellation with less than 24-hours’ notice or a missed appointment is considered a “No Show”. I understand that I will be charged $50.00 for each “No Show”.

Integrated Wellness and Mental Health, LLC reserves the right to discharge a patient after 3 missed appointments and/or failure to pay “No Show” fee.

2. Integrated Wellness and Mental Health, LLC has a 10-minute late policy and if I arrive 10 minutes late my appointment will be rescheduled for the next available time

3. Any missed appointments will be rescheduled at the next available time and any controlled medications will not be filled prior to the appointment. If you miss multiple appointments, it is up to the discretion of Integrated Wellness and Mental Health, LLC for dismissal from the clinic.

4. Integrated Wellness and Mental Health, LLC is not liable for loss or damage to any personal property.

5. You will be responsible for the balance on your account for any services not covered or not paid by your insurance plan.